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What Changes Do People Most Often Wish to Make to Their Smiles?

Many people wish for teeth that are whiter.

Teeth whitening stands out as the most direct and effortless approach to revitalize your smile, elevating your self-assurance throughout your daily routine. It represents a reliable and potent means of achieving a brighter, healthier-looking set of teeth. Opting for professional teeth whitening is the best path to obtaining the results you aim for, with a noticeably more luminous smile achievable in a single appointment.

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    Reasons to Select Professional Teeth Whitening Services

    Everyone’s dental condition is influenced by personal factors like age, lifestyle choices, diet, and even medications, leading to diverse needs for teeth and gum care. A teeth whitening product effective for someone else might not suit your specific situation. Additionally, there’s a risk of gum damage from some commercially available whitening products.

    Our specialized teeth-whitening service surpasses over-the-counter options with these exclusive benefits:

    • Customized for You: We initiate the whitening process by identifying your dental concerns, objectives for the treatment, and personal expectations. A detailed examination of your teeth and gums allows us to craft a whitening strategy tailored to your specific needs and oral health condition.
    • Conducted by Skilled Dentists: With specialized training in teeth whitening practices and products, our dentists execute the procedure with precision and adhere to strict safety measures to safeguard your health.
    • Significant Enhancement: Utilizing a high-strength bleaching formula, we offer one of the most effective whitening treatments available, achieving profound changes in tooth color.
    • Quick and Effective Results: Professional teeth whitening with us guarantees an extraordinary improvement in tooth brightness in as little as one hour.
    • Consistent Whitening: We avoid the common pitfalls of at-home whitening kits, such as uneven coverage, by ensuring a thorough and even application across your teeth for a uniformly brighter smile.
    • Optimal Comfort: Our procedure includes laser technology to significantly reduce the risk of tooth sensitivity and gum discomfort, providing a smoother whitening experience.

    A skilled dentist alone can identify the optimal whitening procedure that ensures safety and efficacy for you. Don’t hesitate, call us now for a personalized assessment!

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    Home-Based Teeth Whitening Options:

    For those who value the flexibility of whitening their teeth according to their own timetable and in the familiar surroundings of their home, we provide tailor-made take-home whitening kits.

    Distinguish your whitening experience with our custom at-home kits, designed to safely and effectively brighten your smile over three to four weeks, including:

    • High-grade whitening gel: Our kits use a medical-grade whitening gel that is significantly more effective than anything available in stores.
    • Personalized fitting trays: Our kits come with dental trays custom-fitted to your teeth, unlike the universal trays found in store-bought kits, ensuring full coverage and uniform whitening across all teeth.
    • Guidance from dental experts: Our dentist will provide you with personalized advice on how to use your at-home kit to achieve the best and safest whitening results.

    Opt for our at-home whitening kits for an advanced whitening experience that rivals in-office treatments.

    T-Dot Dental - Toronto

    Ideal Moment for Teeth Brightening

    According to our expert dentists, whitening treatments have no impact on the appearance of dental restorations like crowns, bridges, veneers, or fillings. Thus, if you anticipate needing any of these in the near future, it is best to prioritize whitening your teeth beforehand. This enables any forthcoming restorative dental work to be perfectly matched to the shade of your whitened teeth.

    Professional teeth whitening is designed to eradicate both surface stains and deeper discoloration.

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    Understanding Tooth Discoloration

    External Stains: The enamel layer, which acts as the tooth’s protective barrier, is both incredibly hard and porous. Although it is the toughest material in our bodies, its porous nature makes it vulnerable to stains from:

    • Dark-colored drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, fruit juices and colas.
    • Intensely colored sauces like tomato and soy.
    • Foods and beverages rich in sugars.
    • Deeply pigmented fruits, including berries and cherries.
    • The use of tobacco products.
    • Poor dietary choices and neglect in oral hygiene are additional contributors to external tooth discoloration.

    Internal Discoloration: Below the enamel is a tooth layer with a naturally yellow or gray hue. As enamel erodes over time, this inner color emerges, often resulting in a dimmer appearance of the teeth. This discoloration can be exacerbated by specific medications, health conditions, and injuries to the teeth.

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    Leading Teeth Whitening Solutions

    Brighten your smile effectively with teeth whitening, a straightforward alternative to more complex dental enhancements like veneers. Whether through an in-office procedure or a specially prepared home kit, you can achieve significant whitening results free from long-term sensitivity.

    Professional Whitening Services

    For optimal results, a professional whitening session in our office is recommended. We use a bleaching formula in conjunction with custom-designed trays and a laser to activate the whitening agents, allowing for deep penetration into the enamel to lift stains. This technique promises quick results while reducing the likelihood of sensitivity and irritation.

    Tailored Whitening Kits for Home Use:

    Tailor-made for those who value the privacy and convenience of home treatment, our take-home kits feature bespoke trays that fit snugly over your teeth, ensuring uniform coverage and effective stain removal. Unlike generic over-the-counter options, our kits are based on precise models of your teeth, minimizing the risk of sensitivity and ensuring a gradual, consistent whitening process.

    T-Dot Dental - Toronto

    Dr. Habib


    Your Teeth Whitening Dentist

    At T-Dot Dental, Dr. Habib offers complete services including restorative dentistry, oral surgery, impacted wisdom tooth removal, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and periodontal surgeries. He is also certified to provide a wide range of sedation options for your comfort.

    Dr. Habib thrives on continuous improvement by being engaged in several continuing education courses, dental conventions and prestigious, reputable dental academies. His drive for personal growth comes in addition to being an active member of the Royal College Of Dental Surgery and the Ontario Dental Association.

    He looks forward to meeting you!

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    Your consultation will include an examination of everything from your teeth, gums and soft tissues to the shape and condition of your bite. Generally, we want to see how your whole mouth looks and functions. Before we plan your treatment we want to know everything about the health and aesthetic of your smile, and, most importantly, what you want to achieve so we can help you get there.

    Cost of Professional Teeth Whitening

    You can expect to pay anywhere from $300 and $500 for professional teeth whitening treatment and from $100 to $150 for a personalized take-home kit.

    When considering the cost of whitening and comparing quotes, there are several important points that should be kept in mind.
    • The type of treatment used.
    • The quality of the products applied to your teeth.

    The Alternative

    No dental practice can provide an accurate quote over the phone as the treatment can depend on many factors. Every case is different so it’s important to speak with a dental hygienist to evaluate your unique situation and provide you with different treatment options to consider.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Plaque buildup occurs when the bacteria from leftover food particles are not cleaned off the teeth properly, turning into tartar over time, which a dentist needs to remove. This can lead to a yellowish layer on or around your teeth due to inadequate brushing

    Sensitivity is a common side effect of teeth whitening, usually noticeable in the early treatments. This discomfort should decrease with subsequent uses, emphasizing the importance of following the provided instructions closely.

    Whitening treatments do not alter the color of dental restorations like crowns, veneers, or fillings on your front teeth, potentially making them more conspicuous as the natural teeth become whiter.

    Most insurance plans do not include teeth whitening in their coverage. Confirm with your insurance provider. We are here to offer an estimate for insurance purposes.

    Post-whitening, it is best to avoid substances that could stain white fabric, including certain beverages and foods like tea, coffee, wine, and sauces, to preserve the whitening effects.

    The longevity of your whitening results will vary, depending on the whitening technique and your oral care routine, generally lasting from 6 months to a few years.

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